Saturday, October 22, 2016


I have been enjoying the autumn days....cooler weather and beautiful, vibrant colors everywhere! Here are a few pictures of what has been going on in our lives.

The West Lafayette band marched by our house one morning. It was fun to step outside our front porch to see and hear the band. This morning we had runners and walkers going down the hill that participated in Purdue's half marathon. There's always something going on living this close to campus.

Sweet Abby Lou! She keeps us smiling. Right now she loves to say, "Go, go, go!" And that's what she wants to do too. Abby tries to go keep up with her brothers. She is getting closer to starting to walk.

At her 1 year well visit, Abby weighed 16 lbs 6.5 oz and 28.35 inches long. She is still at the bottom of the growth curve. Don't tell that to Abby though, she is small but mighty. She loves to hear her voice echo and women will always say that they can't believe such a big noise comes out of such a small girl.

My sweet Sammy smile. We have enjoyed every last minute of this beautiful weather by going to all the parks we possibly can go to. At least once a week I try to pick him up from preschool on the bike and head to the park on the way home. We all love soaking up the sunshine.

Izzie still isn't sure what to think about all these little people in her house. She does like it when they give her snacks.

Working on our cruising. At least she should be walking by the time there is snow!

I love fall!

Best day ever!!

On Grandma Wallace's birthday, Sam skipped preschool and headed to the MOPS pumpkin picking day with Mommy and Abby. Two of Sam's buddies were there so he had a great time. Sam hardly spent any time with mom, he just kept following his friends. So, I took some pictures of Abby since she isn't big enough to follow her friends just yet.

Abby with her signature graham cracker to keep her happy.

Mommy and Abby. This year was chilly again but not rainy thankfully. Still can't believe I took Abby last year when she was only 2 or 3 weeks old.

Sam's buddies CJ and Josiah!

Abby checking out the tractor.

When we came home we painted our pumpkins. Sam loved it! He's pretty artistic and creative.

Then we went outside to take some pictures with our pumpkins.

Of course Sam had to take some pictures too.

My little pumpkin

Later that night we headed down to Purdue for the homecoming parade. This was the first time we ever went to one at night. It was pretty amazing. 

The band had glow sticks in their shoes and lights for suspenders. The baton twirlers were using batons that were actually on fire and there were jugglers juggling fire. Also, the boys brought home at least 2 pounds of candy. That night Sam said it was the best day ever.

After a month of rain delays, we finally finished soccer. I forgot to take Ben's soccer picture but I did manage to take one of Sam. The boys were super excited to receive trophies and can't wait until they get to play again next year.

This girl climbs everywhere!

She loves outside. Especially picking grass and wood chips.

At the Battle Ground monument.

Always climbing, especially up stairs!

The park is huge and fenced so we let the boys try to walk Izzy. Everyone was sufficiently tired afterwards.

Can they always be this cute??

Found your bracelet Mom!

Take a picture of me on the wood pile Mom!

Checking out the creek.

The funny kid.

We survived Ben's first book report. He had to write a report about a book and then decorate a pumpkin like the main character. He chose a book about Fly Guy and decorated the pumpkin to look like Fly Guy.

Of course little brother had to do the same thing.