Saturday, August 29, 2015

Imagination Station

Another fun Saturday morning explorer's club, this time we checked out the Imagination Station in Lafayette. This is a pretty cool museum that had a special, "Hands on Trucks" event. The boys enjoyed climbing in and out of trucks such as a limo, fire truck, cement mixer, school bus, and more.

Checking out the stretch limo.

Cement mixer.

Sam rhymes with ham which he was when he struck a pose to show off his SWAG from the cement mixer.

Learning about Pop Pop Stephens old job.

Silly Sammy again!

Inside the museum had a lot of different stations about weather, space, etc.

The boys stepped inside a tornado machine.

Sam loved this station where he would put golf balls down the chute.

The boys said the Boilermaker Special was one of their favorite trucks to visit.

Checking out the SWAT car.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Saturday morning explorer's club

Dave has never been one to just lie around the house, especially on a Saturday morning. Sometimes he lets me get another hour of sleep since we have early risers. Last Saturday Dave took the boys to Prophet's rock to let me sleep. They had a lot of fun exploring the cave and a nearby bridge. You can check out his Facebook page for pictures.

Last Sunday we went to Pickett Memorial Park at Purdue. It's actually pretty small. There are a couple of interesting statues and a Frisbee golf course.

Then we headed over to the animal science building to check out their statues.

It's a farm parade!

This Saturday morning we knew that West Lafayette would be crazy with incoming Purdue students so we decided to check out a different part of Indiana.

We went hiking in Fountain, Indiana to check out Portland Arch Nature Preserve.

Here's the arch. It was about a mile hike through some forest and HUGE rocks.

(FYI - here's mom at 34 weeks. Not much longer until we meet baby sister.)

It was a little muddy in parts since a small stream runs through the rocks. 

As you can see we also brought Izzie exploring. She loved swimming in stream and running through the forest.

I was surprised that Sam walked the entire trail. The only time we picked him up was if it was too muddy or too steep to walk on.

Sam blocking the path.

Afterwards we went to Attica and spent some time at Ravine Park. I didn't take many pictures but it's a huge sprawling park that the boys enjoyed running around.

Before we went to Attica we stopped at Williamsport, Indiana to see Indiana's tallest waterfall, Williamsport Falls.

Excited to see the falls....

As you can see, the falls weren't actively falling due to lack of rain. Dave checked out these falls before the boys and I moved down. You can look at his Facebook page to see his pictures.

Friday, August 14, 2015


We officially have a kindergartner and 3 year old. It has been a very exciting and busy week.

On Sam's birthday (8/12) we met Ben's teacher at his new school, Cumberland Elementary.

Here were some of the questions I asked and answers from Ben and Sam.

Favorite color: Ben = blue, Sam = green

What do you want to be when you grow up: Ben = a restaurant man (chef), Sam = a fire engine (note he did NOT say fire fighter, he wants to be the engine)

Favorite food: Ben = carrots (Mom would say pepperoni/sausage pizza but he does eat carrots as his only vegetable daily), Sam = potatoes (he definitely means french fries)

Favorite thing to do: Ben = riding his new bike, Sam = playdough 

What do you like best about yourself: Ben = God made me, Sam = my hiya spins (ninja)

Who is your best friend: Ben = Izzie, Sam = Daddy

What is your favorite book: Ben = superheroes, Sam = cookie (??)

I also asked what they were most excited about becoming a big brother, both are looking forward to teaching baby sister new things.

This is the outside of the school.

There has been a lot of construction on the road in front of the school. That's the school sign in the background.

After meeting Ben's teacher we headed to a bowling alley to celebrate Sam's 3rd birthday. These were more perks from the library's summer reading program!

The boys had a lot of fun. It was a great way to work on sharing/taking turns and numbers.

Ben was most fascinated with this batttleship game at the arcade. The boys know that I will never give them money to play these games but they always do a great job of using their imaginations.

Later it was time to celebrate Sam's birthday with a green Lego cake.

Friday was Ben's first official day at school. Only half of the kindergarten students go on Thursday, the other half went on Friday. Both boys did really well. Sam didn't even cry or throw a fit.

Each kindergarten class has a specific colored t-shirt to wear the first week of school. Ben's class is brown.

Ben did great getting off and on the bus. There was another boy from his class in our apartment complex so they rode the bus together.