Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring Break

Life has been busy as usual around here. We have experienced spring's finicky weather....warm one day, snowing the next.

Abby has recently started liking baby dolls and pushing them around in her stroller. She can say baby very clearly and likes to hug her babies but cars are still her favorite toy along with coloring.

Speaking of cars...Ben had his first pine wood derby race with cub scouts and was the 7th fastest car in his pack.

Abby loves to do whatever her brothers are doing. She likes to have the controller and pretend that she is playing video games with them. She even likes to pretend that she's playing kinex by running in place with them.

One of the many faces of Abby Lou. One of her brothers took this picture when I let them run around the house with the camera.

Ben took this picture of us. He is doing really well taking pictures.

We weren't expecting it to snow on the first day of spring break but we decided to make the best of it by going sledding.

This was Abby's first time sledding and she loved it!

Daddy and Sammy.

Ben on top of the hill at Happy Hallow School.

Abby was so excited!

Ben and Sam even went sledding down the hill together for the first time.

The next day Grandma Wallace came to town and we took her to the Children's Museum.

This was the first time we have been to the museum this year. One of the new exhibits is a circus theme. Here the boys are in a pretend clown car.

Sam the human cannonball.

Abby dressed up as a ring master.

Daddy dressed up as a clown...doesn't Sam look thrilled?

Then we went to China to eat some pretend food.

Sam cooking with Grandma.

Taking care of the baby pandas.

Ben was a great big helper in the little kids area. He enjoys spending time with his little sister.

Abby loved the water table so much that she was soaked! She loved playing with the balls!

Abby also enjoyed crawling through all the different tunnels.

Playing with the trains.

Crawling around in the sunken pirate ship exhibit.

We headed to Huntertown to spend some time with Grandma and Pop Pop Stephens to celebrate Grandma's birthday.

Abby liked playing with Katie...almost as much as Sam does.

Abby decided that the fireplace was her spot to sit.

Roar says Sam the Wildcat.

Daddy was able to help Pop Pop with a few projects like putting up new ceiling fans. Abby was teaching him how to use the power drill.

Look how excited Abby was to be sitting with Pop Pop.

We introduced Ben to the game of Battleship. He really enjoyed playing.

Sam as Pollyanna. Grandma Wallace brought a Cabbage Patch hat for Abby but Sam wanted to try it on. He is such a joker.

We were so excited to hear that Ben's teacher, Mrs Oxender nominated Ben for the Sunshine award at school. Every class had a male and female recipient for this award. Mrs Oxender said that she chose Ben because of his hard work and how kind he is to everyone. Ben was surprised to learn that he won the award and we are so proud of him!

I just love how much these kids love books. We go to the library at least once a week, sometimes more. In this picture you can see that the kids are so excited to read the new books that they don't get that far into the house before sitting down to look at them. The piece of paper Abby has is the receipt of how many books we check out at a time, usually 30 or so. Even Abby has a new favorite book, Secret Life of Pets. We would read the library's copy a couple dozen times a day so I went ahead and bought her a copy for herself. She really loves books with dogs in them. She also loves pointing out dogs outside and can almost say the word dog. She can say book and likes to come up to anyone with her favorite book, back up and say "see" for seat, expecting you to pick her up and read to her.