Friday, July 07, 2017

Cuz Fest 2017

Another fun-filled Stephens Cuz Fest is in the books after this 4th of July weekend. 

We arrived Friday night so Saturday morning we spent in anticipation for the cousins to arrive.

The kids loved the kiddie pool.

Ben started saying, "in the name of the Lord, I am baptized" and then jumping into the pool. Naturally, Sam followed Ben. I have no idea where this came from but it was adorable to watch.

Abby also follows her brothers' lead. I love the sounds she makes when pretending to shoot water. She can also say, "Abby gun".

Daddy's girls waiting for him. Izzie is Abby's buddy. She constantly talks about Izzie and calls for her.

The annual trash game with cousins.

Abby enjoyed bouncing on the balls.

Ellie and Abby were great friends.

While the older cousins played baseball, the the younger 4 played on the playground. Caroline wasn't sure if she wanted to play with us before Ellie and Sam came to play. Abby kept calling Caroline over and pushing her to sit on the fire truck.

Fun at the church playground.


Silly faces!

Everybody looking at Abby making a silly face. She looked at everyone to figure out what to do.

Close up of Abby's silly face.

Stephens family of Louisville.

Lafayette Stephens family.

West side silly face.

Sammy's grumpy face.

Slip and slide fun! With squirt guns.

Old school squirt guns (that didn't work).

Water balloons! About 200 of them.

Aunt Andrea joining in the slip and slide!

Lots of little cousin love!!

And tractor rides.

I'm not sure how much longer all 8 will fit in 2 trailers.

Dabbing by Joshua.


Splash pad in Leo.

Boat ride in Pop Pop's boat.

Abby enjoyed being on Pop Pop's boat. She also liked eating the strap on the life jacket.

Ellie's plie

We took Abby on her first Purdue fountain run. She liked it but didn't want to run into the water.

As always, the boys enjoyed running through the fountain.

As we were getting ready to leave the Boilermaker Special showed up. The boys were so excited.