Monday, January 09, 2017

New Year

Happy 2017! We are back into the swing of things. 

Ben's first day of school was last Thursday. When we woke up there was a dusting of snow on the ground. So I decided that Sam and Abby would bundle up and play in it while big brother was at school.

Sam wrote his name on the ground with colored water.

Abby wasn't exactly sure what to think about all the white stuff. She mainly just stood there but would take a few steps. But I'm sure it's hard for someone who just learned how to walk to move too much in those bulky snowsuits.

The kids loved swinging in the snow. I think it took longer to dress and undress than we were outside but we still had fun!

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Well we have been busy having fun in the Stephens house lately.

Sam and Abby sending their love.

The only picture I took at Thanksgiving. Abby loves playing with her cousins.

I went to an ornament exchange at church earlier in December. Daddy had the pleasure of putting the kids to bed for the first time without Mom. Abby wasn't very happy. She refused to go to sleep so Dave let her play in the living room while cleaning dishes. Abby laid against the couch and kept waking herself up as her legs bent. Finally Daddy was able to put her to bed.

Looking at the tree.

I took Sam and Abby to Purdue's Christmas tree and gingerbread house with MOPS again this year. I gave Sam the camera, here are the photos he took. 

One of Sam's best friend's CJ.

CJ's mommy's Alicia who is also from Kansas.

Sam's preschool had a Christmas program. It was difficult to take any pictures of him since his friend next to him was very excited.

Two of Sam's friends at preschool, our neighbor Tucker and his friend Caroline.

Some pictures from after the program.

For Stephens Family Christmas, Tom and Sue were generous enough to host everyone at their house in Louisville. Abby and Izzie loved the big windows.

Waiting for presents.

The youngest Stephens grandkids.

Abby got to open the first present since she's the youngest.

She loved her stroller!

Sleeping bags for everyone!

Abby loved opening presents.

Showing off the stockings Grandma made.

That's a lot of Stephens!

The week of Christmas Abby finally started walking. She had been taking steps but was much too fast at crawling. Now she prefers to walk everywhere.

Abby joining Sam in time out. She wants to be with him no matter what he is doing.

Abby grabbing Ben's hand to play ring-around-the-rosey, her new favorite game. Notice Sam in the background with duct tape he put all over his face.

While Grandma and Pop Pop Wallace came to visit, I was able to go to Ben's class party to help. I was able to do this once in kindergarten. It's always fun to see him interact with his classmates.

Abby gets Grandma and Ben to play more ring-around-the-rosey.

More presents.

My Christmas blessings.

On our way to Christmas Eve service at church.

On Christmas day we opened the game Pie Face and played as a family.

I hope we have started a new tradition of making gingerbread wookies and watching Star Wars.

The finished product.

We pray everyone had a very blessed Christmas. We enjoyed time spent together and celebrating Jesus birthday. 

Next on our list....home improvement projects.