Friday, February 05, 2016

4 months!

Abigail is now 4 months old. She weighs 10lbs 8.5oz and is 23 inches long. She's still low on the growth chart (about the 6th for weight). The nurse practitioner thinks Abby will probably start catching up once she starts solids at 6 months. 

The boys just love their baby sister and she loves them. Abby is always looking at them and "talking" to them. 

One day last week the weather was nice and we wanted to get out of the house. So, Sam, Abby and Mommy headed over to the local nature center. We played a few games and watched some wildlife. It was a great time to talk about God's creation.

Abby says wildlife tastes good.

Abby has been rolling over from her stomach to her back, cooing/ talking, rolling onto her side and kicking her legs constantly. Abby also tries to grab everything she can and puts everything in her mouth. She is such a happy girl and always smiling.

Sam loves spending time with Mommy and Abby. He knows his letters, his numbers up to 10 and how to spell (and mostly write) his name.

Abby loves to grab at her hands. She often sucks her thumb or hand.

Sam wanted a picture of his feet with Abby's. It's amazing the size difference.

Last weekend the weather was beautiful so we went to Prophet's Town State Park.

Sammy the buck.

We headed down to the children's museum in Indy again.

Disco Ben.

Two Sams!

Tea party.

The carousel was so busy that the boys had to ride the same animal.

Abby is starting to enjoy the museum too.

Captain and crocodile Ben.

Looking at dinosaurs

We went to a carnival at Ben's school tonight. It was really busy but the boys had fun. Ben has really improved on his reading and writing.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


As I watch the news and see reports of horrible snow storms, I am so happy that we do not have as much snow like we have in the past couple years. I'm not terrible fond of being cold so I stay inside as much as possible. Also, with Abby, I can't take Sam outside to play as much as he would like. So, I decided to bring the snow inside.

Sam loves coloring the snow with colored water.

It's given us a chance to talk about the primary colors and how mixing the colors creates new colors.

Mixing and scooping.

My parents came from Kansas last weekend to get their grandkid fix. Here we are at McDonald's because it's one of Sam's favorite restaurants (because of the huge play place).

I didn't take a lot of pictures because of the activities we did such as the trampoline park and swimming. We had a great time with Grandma and Pop Pop Wallace and are looking forward to their next visit.

We got out the exersaucer for Abby and she loves it!

My MOPs group tried out a local gym. Sam had a great time playing with different toys and getting some energy out.

A seat? Looks like a hat to me!

Just hanging out.

Hot air balloon, Love watching this boy smile.

More snow, This time painting with water colors and playing with bath toys.

Ben's 100 days of kindergarten celebration. This is our best attempt at dressing him up like a 100 year old man. Ben's favorite part of the celebration? Eating oreos and M&Ms classmates brought in (they brought different items adding up to the sum of 100).

Miss Abby in her skinny jeans.

Hmm...what's this belt for?