Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Camping in PA

We spent Father's Day weekend in Pennsylvania with Grandma and Pop Pop Stephens. This was our first time camping as a family. Everyone did really well and we had a great time.

Checking out Yellow Creek.

Some pictures Ben took of the cabin. 

Abby eating. She asked when she could have some smores.

Izzie came with us and enjoyed her small window to look out.

Ben showing off his summer hair cut.

This is the kitchen area. We had a gas stove top and dorm fridge but no running water. 

Ben was fascinated with our skylights which was clear roofing. It really made the cabin hot during the day.

We explored the private island at the campground.

We taught Grandma and Pop Pop how to play Pooh sticks.

Exploring more of Yellow Creek State Park.

We took the boys fishing at the tree farm. They both caught a few fish and had a great time.

Abby said fishing was okay.

Grandma went fishing while the boys took a tractor ride. She caught a fish both times she cast out!

Tractor rides in Huntertown will never be the same.

Izzie LOVED it!

Checking out the shooting shanty.

All that running around wore Izzie out.

That night we had a cook out at Grandma and Pop Pop's cabin with Aunt Linda, Uncle Merv, Aunt Carol and Uncle Larry.

The boys taught everyone how to play Uno and Spot It.

The next day we went back to the tree farm for more exploring.

Abby and Sam decided the best way to hike is to not walk at all but just enjoy the ride.

Playing under the pine trees.

Sam taking his siblings for a tractor ride.

Later we went to Johnstown to check out the incline plane. This was pretty awesome and huge.

The incline plane was used to help people up the steep hill to go from one side of town to the other. 

Unfortunately, this is when my camera's batteries died so I couldn't take any pictures from the top. The view was pretty amazing and windy. We even saw a doe that was eating on the hill. The boys thought it was pretty cool how small everything was down below.

On the way home we stopped at Buttermilk Falls. This was Fred McFeely's summer estate where his grandson, Fred Rogers spent many summers. 

The falls were pretty but we didn't have much time to explore since we arrived just before it closed.

Daddy and Pop Pop took the boys fishing in the creek outside our cabin.

On Father's Day we went to Uncle Joe's to visit the Rising family. 

The boys had a great time playing with new cousins. Sofie and Sam decided to sprinkle each other with salt and pepper.

Abby wasn't sure what to think about all the new people trying to take her away from Mom.

Singing happy birthday to Uncle Joe.

The boys had another fun tractor ride on Uncle Joe's restored tractors.

Abby and Will had fun playing together.

Uncle Russ was the one who was able to hold Abby for the longest. Must be his experience with Sofie and Will.

Our last night at camp we had more hot dogs, smores and pizza puggy pies!

We had a lot of fun camping together and are looking forward to our next experience...camping in a tent together.

On the way home we celebrated Mommy's 35th birthday. I loved being able to spend it with the people I love.

Just had to add the picture of Abby eating her foot.