Friday, May 22, 2015

Graduation and more!

Last Saturday we had another showing. It didn't last long but while we were out of the house we decided to make an adventure out of it. 

We ended up in New Buffalo, Michigan. Dave and I have been here probably one other time in our 7 years here. It was a fairly nice day and we enjoyed the beautiful weather and change of scenery.

First we stopped at the New Buffalo beach. It was a fairly nice beach with some sand dunes but very rocky. I still prefer Silver Beach in St Joseph, MI.

The water was pretty chilly since it hasn't been over 70 degrees around here.

Brotherly love.

The view of the beach from the top of the sand dunes.

Ben actually took this picture. He does a very good job with photography, you'll see more examples later.

Sam took this picture of Bubba (with some help from Mom)

Mom and her boys....

Sliding down the sand dune.

Next we headed to a new park, the Galien River County Park.

This was a very nice trail and a different way of looking at the river and marsh.

Sam taking a picture of his eye.

Love the look on Sam's face.

See the watch tower to the right.

A view from the top.

These are Ben's pictures from up above.

It's hard to tell from the pictures but were high in the tree tops. You could actually feel the walkway moving in the breeze slightly.

Bluejay on it's nest.

Afterwards we had pizza in the nearby New Buffalo Township park.

Lots of cool toys to play on.

Ben and Sam put on a show for us.

Grandma Wallace is currently here visiting to help celebrate Ben's graduation from preschool.

Fishing with Sam while we wait to see Bubba.

Walking to Beiger Elementary.

The class showed us their daily routine and performed some songs for us.

Ben has been so excited about this day for the past couple days.

Ms Renee handing Ben his diploma.

Sam got to sit and eat snack with the big kids.

Ben is such a great big brother.

Family pictures with the graduate.

Little brother has to do whatever big brother is doing.

If you have about 8 minutes, this is the video I took from the graduation ceremony. These are the songs they sang and handing out Ben's diploma.

Tonight we showed Grandma the new playground. Again, whatever big brother does, little brother is going to try. So here's Sam climbing the rock wall.

Reading books with Grandma.

So you made it all the way through my incredibly long blog to the other exciting news we have to share. Unfortunately, it is not that our house has sold. (But please keep praying for us that it will happen soon!!)

Here is a video of Ben's answer to his prayer that he has been praying daily since January... 

Ben is so excited that he is having a baby sister due October 4. Daddy might be still in shock.

God has been good and we know he will continue to watch over us. But seriously, if you know anyone looking to buy a home in Mishawaka, send them our way, PLEASE!!!