Sunday, February 19, 2017

More February

First, I have to thank Abby Lou for her wonderful blogging. It's nice to take a break, especially since she is such a talented writer for her young age.

We have been outside enjoying this beautiful weather while it's here. It might feel like spring but we know that it is still winter and you never know when the snow might return.

I think I read that Abby told of her love of cookies in the last blog. It is a very strong love. She will often say cookie or graham cracker in a very low voice. 

Here she is helping me make some Valentine cookies.

Another word Abby loves to say is ball. I brought up the basketball hoop and she loves it! She spends lots of time throwing the ball into the hoop.

She can't say swing yet but she can say and sign more. Any time we come home Abby toddles over to the swing set and says/signs "more". When I push her and say, "more swing" she just laughs and kicks and smiles. Her new favorite thing to do is play head, shoulders, knees and toes while swinging.

More ball.

Ben enjoys shooting BBs and archery in the basement with the targets Daddy made. One of the things we enjoy because of Cub Scouts.

While Ben practices, Abby likes to bounce on the trampoline or be pushed on the trike.

Sam also likes to bounce. He isn't as excited about archery or target shooting just yet.

Another word Abby can't say yet is pizza but she LOVES it! I think she will be able to keep up with her big brothers.

Finger licking good!

Ben and Sam still love pizza.

Another new activity Abby loves....coloring!

Abby was so proud of herself. She got into Sam's Valentines and pulled out a sucker. She got the wrapper off all by herself. Here she is enjoying her candy.

This is another sight we see of Abby...naked baby! I know she will NOT be happy with me when she's older but I couldn't resist!

Sam is really growing up. It's had to see but he wrote No Sam, Ben, Mom, Dad on the chalk board. He's always asking how to spell things and has no problem trying to write something and wants to read. He enjoys coloring and crafts at the library and preschool.

Abby wants to be just like her big brothers. Whatever they are doing, she is right there with them!

Just love my new ruler! Now I need to go back and add previous heights from the kids.

Abby isn't quite big enough to ride the trike on her own without help. But that doesn't stop her from playing on it with her Bubba. Luckily she hasn't figured out how to step on it and try to ride it with him. Both boys are such great big brothers with her. They do an excellent job of being patient with her.

Look out for the ninja turtle!

Just out enjoying the beautiful sunshine!

Coloring with Grandma waiting for the pizza to cook. Could life get much better? Maybe with a cookie.

Love that sweet smile!

On Sunday we went exploring at Clegg Gardens in Lafayette. We took a quick mile hike through the woods. Be prepared for lots of pictures of Sam. He was my hiking buddy. We had to bribe him with candy but he walked the whole way without begging to be picked up or complaining that his feet hurt. I had a great time talking to him and enjoyed his slower pace. 

Sam looking at the "bear cave".

Ben is ever the outdoors boy. He always wants to run ahead and explore.

Abby enjoyed the ride in the backpack with her graham crackers.

After I took this picture, Sam smiles and says, "I made an angry face".

After our hike, we headed to Prophetstown State Park. It's been a few months since we checked out the farm and we thought Abby would enjoy it.

Abby checking out the chickens. When we left she kept waving and saying bye-bye to them.

Abby loved the tunnel slide.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

February Fun, by Abigail Louise Stephens

 Hello everyone, it's your favorite diaper-wearing blogger, Abby Lou!

I know it's been awhile since anything has been posted on the ol' family blog, but it's been a busy few weeks around here, and Mom and Dad say they don't have the time. 

So, tonight, I figured I'd give this writing thing a try and fill you all in on what we've been doing.

First things first - my brothers are doing well. They fight sometimes. And they complain about supper a lot. Like tonight - Mom made chicken pot pie (delicious) - and all they did was complain about it.  Silly boys. I'd be happy to share some of my strained peas and applesauce, but they just wrinkle their noses. 

Anyway, as you can see, they're about the same. Here's some pictures of them at the Library's "Lego Club" - or as I like to call it, Abby ?Don't Touch club  - with a few of their creations. 

These boys sure like their Legos, but what they really love to do is play "Princess Abbigaila" - which is where I am the princess and they use Nerf guns to try and kidnap me from Daddy. They always lose. 

Here's a picture of me dressed up as the princess. No, not that frilly pink sissy princess stuff for me. I'm a warrior princess. This is my sword. Try and kidnap me and I'll cut off your head.

Here's a few pictures from a few weeks ago when we took a family outing to Prophetstown State Park.  The boys and mom took their bikes, while I got to ride in my royal princess carriage. Dad calls it the bike stroller. It was a beautiful day and actually kind of warm. Not like January at all - and I know, because now I've seen two of them.

Look at how cute I am!

Again. I'm so stinking cute.
And Ben's pretty cool too.

Do you think this is a photo of Ben?
Look again. I see some cute pants.

Me again!

Me sitting on a rock!

So this past week, we had another family first - we attended our church's cake and pie auction to raise money to help send teens to church camp. As you can see below, my brothers are pretty good cooks. 

Sam and Mom made this robot cake, with chocolate doughnut arms, cupcake feet and candy buttons, eyes, teeth and antenna. It looked pretty good, but for some reason Mom wouldn't let me help decorate it. Not sure why. 

Ben went the more traditional route and made this scrumptious applesauce pie with very little help form Dad. Again, they didn't really let me help.

The great thing was - not only did they get to make cook desserts, we also got to bid on them. We came home with some super yummy peanut-butter cupcakes and two bags of chocolate chip cookies. 

Speaking of cookies, guess what. Mom says it's now my favorite word. Cookie. Cookie. Cookie. I say it clearly, loudly and often. I now know how to break into my diaper bag to get out Graham crackers, and I have an amazing ability to sniff out the sound/smell/hint of anybody in the house eating a cookie. I might have a problem. 

Anyway, enough of that boring banter - here's what you really came for: More pictures of ME!

Big heart. Big smile. Big Girl.

This is my Mama. I'd tell you that she's awesome, but then I'd get worried that you wanted to hang out with her.
And you can't. She's mine. Stay away.
Don't make me get my sword.

These guys. They make me laugh.
And I make them cry. Because I eat all their cookies.
But they're awesome and we love each other. 

Anyway, that's all I have time for right now. I hear Daddy coming down the hallway and if he catches me on this blog ....well he won't do anything, because I've got him all figured out. 

Talk to you soon. And if you have cookies, please send them my way. 

Cookie. Cookie. Cookie. 

- Abby Lou