Friday, July 31, 2015


We just returned from another exciting trip to Kansas. This time however it was just Mom and the boys as Dad stayed home to work since he doesn't have vacation time earned yet. The drive was a little shorter since we moved to West Lafayette but it was still 2 long days in the car. The boys did great but I don't think I will be trying to do any more long car rides alone any time soon.

Of course we celebrated the boys birthdays. Ben and Sam were Grandma's helpers for making fish cupcakes.

The boys learned how to play one of my favorite games from childhood, Connect 4. I use to play this game all the time with my Grandpa Wallace.

Blowing out the candles.

Opening presents. Again, thank you so much to everyone who helped celebrate the boys birthdays. We are very blessed.

The highlight of every trip to Kansas is the nightly feeding of the horses. Here they are with Quizno.

The new horse Jasper.

A new treat was petting the momma cat. Apparently there are 12 kittens at the farm but they weren't tame enough to pet.

On Wednesday it was rainy so we headed to the Johnson County museum. We took the boys here when Ben was 2 and met up with some friends when we made a trip to Kansas in the winter. 

Pretending to be doctors.

They helped with a play some girls were doing.

Playing on the farm and grocery store.

The boys were very interested in listening to "The Lone Ranger" when I explained that there use to be a time when there wasn't TV to watch and people had to listen to the radio and use their imagination.

An old farm house. Learning to make butter.

The boys tried golf....I don't think they will be joining Aunt Brenda or Uncle John any time soon!

The museum got pretty crowed quick and it was about lunch time so we headed over to the Legends shopping area to check out the T-REX Cafe.

It's hard to tell in the pictures but it was a dinosaur themed restaurant with robotic dinosaurs everywhere. The boys loved exploring the place and the 4 fish tanks they had.

Afterwards we headed to Cabella's since it was across the street. Sorry we didn't bring Dad home a boat but the boys pretended to get some target shooting in.

Thursday was the coolest day due to the rain so we decided to head to the KC Zoo. It was exciting to see animals we have never seen before. First was the polar bear.

Ben pretending to be an orangutan. He thought it was hilarious that one of the orangutans had a blanket wrapped around him that he was holding on to while swinging from the branches.

The KC Zoo was pretty big and fun to walk around since they have a couple of aviaries to go into and see animals close up.

Ben pretending to be an ape.

There were a couple of fun playgrounds in the zoo.

Mom's favorite exhibit was the penguins. There was a huge cold water tank for the penguins to swim around and watch. They also had tropical penguins that could swim outside.

One of the younger gorillas napping.

The boys enjoyed seeing momma and baby gorilla.

Close up of baby born 5/25/15.

Great Grandpa Wray took us for a drive in his 1948 Chevy pickup. The boys thought it was pretty cool to ride without seat belts and were amazed that the air conditioning was just having the windows rolled down!

The boys had a great time playing with Amanda and playing ball with Newt. It was fun to watch Lilly be a bully chasing all the kittens away from the house (she's scared of the momma cat).

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Birthday week

Friday was Ben's 5th birthday. We seemed to have celebrated it all week long. 

Monday we checked out the gym (see previous post).

Tuesday we went to the Tippecanoe Co 4-H fair. Mom had a blast reminiscing about her days as a 4-Her and seeing how different things are (like Legos being an exhibit).

While at the fair we looked at all the exhibits and animals. We also checked out story time (and received free coupons for a ride at the amusement area) and the Imagination Station that had a display about playdough and electricity (see picture above). 

On Wednesday we checked out the West Lafayette library Lego club.

The boys had a great time playing and creating. 

Here is Ben's final creation. I believe he named it a knight, pirate, prison, restaurant. Sam started to create something but got bored and took it apart.

On Thursday the electric company shut off the power to our neighborhood for a couple of hours (during nap time and the hottest part of the day) so we decided to check out a local water park.

Best Western hotel has Buccaneer Bay. Since there aren't any splash pads around it was an easy way for the boys to splash without going to a big pool.

Ben loved slides.

Ben and Sam are behind the cannons.

Friday was the big day. Ben had to wait until after supper to open presents.

Sam liked looking at all the presents too.

Then it was cake and ice cream time.

Ben has been saying he wanted a Transformer cake for the past few months. I finally decided the easiest way was to just put a transformer on top. This way he got a toy and decoration.

Ben got a big boy bike as his present from Mom and Dad. It's going to take some practice but he seems to like it.

On Saturday the West Lafayette library had a summer reading party with a super hero theme. The boys played with bubbles, colored masks, and won some books. Ben is showing his Lego creation on display at the library.

Later Uncle Jim, Aunt Andrea, and Joshua came over for supper. Ben loved the presents but also enjoyed some fun time playing with his cousin.

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate another year with our special boy. We love watching how sweet he is as a big brother and his imagination is amazing.