Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

Sam had his preschool program a couple of weeks ago. I don't believe I posted those pictures yet so here they are!

To the left of Sam is our neighbor, Tucker, who was also in Sam's preschool class. This is the boy Sam loves to talk to over the fence. Below is another buddy, CJ, who's mom is also from Kansas and a friend of mine from MOPs.

Abby loves to help put laundry away. However, one night she got a little carried away and demanded that I put Sam's shirts on her. There are about 5 of them on top of her sweater. She is silly!

Sam and Abby in the Superman pjs that Ben and Sam once wore. 

Abby was a fan of the cape.

Grandma and Pop Pop Wallace came to celebrate Sam's preschool graduation. They sang some of their favorite songs then the teachers said some kind words about each child. They said that Sam tries to be sneaky. I think they know him well!

Hanging out at Prophetstown State Park. We took a family bike ride. Ben is still getting the hang of it so we will be working on that a lot this summer.

Abby just loves sitting in the swing like a big kid. However, she knows that she can't do underdog in the big kid swing so she enjoys both.

For Mother's Day weekend we stopped at Delphi to check out the canal boat. We were really amazed when we stopped. The kids loved this play boat.

Abby is all about going up and down stairs by herself.

Then we took a ride on the real canal boat.

The boys blew the horn to signal we were leaving.

Abby and Sam were disappointed that they couldn't look out the window like Ben.

Ben finally had his first t-ball game this Saturday after 2 weeks of rained out games. His is on the Reds team (like Cincinnati because they are all major league names).

Sam was bored so he took some pictures.

Going under a stone bridge built in 1901.

Don't let that smile fool you. He just finished whining and asking for fruit snacks.

A replica of an old lime kiln. 

Silly girl.

The boat we rode.

We were really impressed with all the work put into the canal park. We will definitely come back again sometime for a reenactment to see all the buildings they have.

Always trying to keep up with her Bubbas. She will usually walk farther and longer than Sam.

Best we could get.

Learning about old school houses.

We met Dave's parents for pizza at Logansport.

For Mother's Day we worked outside since the weather was finally nice enough to plant our garden.

Dave made flower boxes for the front. We only have 1 finished so far.

Abby is so proud to be able to get in and out of her stroller by herself. She was in charge while Dave and I were working outside.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Busy Weekend

We have had a busy weekend here in the Stephens' house.

On Friday, Daddy and Sam watched Ben perform as Horton Hatches an Egg in his first grade class's The Lorax. Ben memorized his lines and did a great job.

On Saturday, we attended our church's 8th annual IJM run/walk. We had beautiful weather for Ben's first 5K. Dave said he did a good job and ran most of it. We just need to work on his pacing. It was a great way to raise awareness on human trafficking. 

Abby and Sam enjoyed the ride. Sam sometimes cheered Daddy on by saying, "run faster".

Afterwards, we enjoyed our snacks.

After the run we headed to Purdue's Aviation Day. The kids enjoyed sitting in different sized airplanes, helicopters, and fire trucks.

Sam was fascinated with the trays.

We watched a older boy at church last week who climbed our mulberry tree. Ever since, the boys have decided that it's the best thing to do.

Dave built a play space for the swing, which is still Abby's favorite place to be.

It was such a beautiful weekend that we had a fire with hot dogs and smores.

Ben reading to his siblings.

On Sunday we had the IJM kid's dash. Ben and Sam both participated.

They were more excited than they look in these pictures.

Ben and Sam were in the same age category.

Ben came in 2nd, Sam finished and that's what we were happy with.

We tried out a new park in Lafayette. The kids always enjoy new parks!