Monday, January 15, 2018


We now have a baller in our house. Ben has had basketball practice weekly at school since Thanksgiving but this was his first game this Saturday. They are just playing each other for fun. I think Ben really enjoys it because some of his friends are also playing.

We had our first snow day this week. The cold and snow have been keeping us inside so we haven't done much. The kids have been playing school and playing with snow that I bring inside. 

Abby is always on the go. After Christmas, she has decided she's a big girl and doesn't like diapers, only her Frozen underwear. She loves to pretend that she's shopping or playing with her imaginary friend, Ya Ya that she always talks about. It's funny because the boys didn't do anything like that and it isn't someone she plays with, just talks about. Like she drove to Ya Ya's house or had lunch at Ya Ya's. She has also started calling me Momigail Stephens because I have been working on teaching her her full name. She doesn't like to be called anything but Abby.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas Part 2

Happy New Year! Here are our pictures from the Stephens Family Christmas.

Grandma reading to Abby.

The first day at Grandma's there was a little snow, the first for the season. The kids were so excited! We bundled up and headed outside to play even though most of it had melted since it was only a dusting.

This girl loves to be outside! She loves the owl hat Grandma Wallace made for her (she will tell everyone that and that it has Great Grandma's buttons) and she loves her Dora boots. She also loves purple like Mommy.

Trying to find enough snow to make snowballs.

Abby likes Grandma's bear's hat.

These four were inseparable. You can see Abby playing on the phone in the background. 

Abby talking on Grandma and Pop Pop's phone, Caroline talking on Abby's Aunt Carol phone.


Abby watching Monkey George. It was our compromise to get her dressed for church.


Lots of cousin love.

Look closely on the left and you can see Caroline's shoe and top of her head. It's difficult trying to take a picture of so many little ones. Especially since we had to wake Abby up to take this picture.

Sam playing with his new legos.

Izzie taking a nap by the tree. Don't worry, she also received presents.

Abby loves her new umbrella!

On Christmas Eve, it snowed 3 inches. We broke out the snowsuits and took the kids outside to play in some real snow.

Now that's a snowball fight!

Snow angels!

Izzie loved playing arctic wolf. Look in the background and you can see her running around in the yard.

Katie was in the mix with the kids barking to have snowballs thrown for her to catch.

Ben helped Pop Pop read the Christmas story from Luke in the Bible on Christmas.

Sledding fun!

Abby loves to go sledding, especially with Daddy because he goes fast!

Mommy took Abby and cousin Ellie.

We stopped to play in the snow. I think Sam and Ellie were trying to figure out how to build a snowman but it wasn't working very well.

Then we came in and had some yummy hot chocolate to warm up.

Cousin Savannah reading bedtime stories to the littlest ones.

We stayed at Grandma and Pop Pop's for a couple more days. It was finally time for us to head back home. It snowed all day on Friday so we headed down to Happy Hallow School on Saturday for more sledding. 

It's a much larger hill than Grandma and Pop Pop's slope so Abby didn't like it as much with all the snow flying in her face. The boys had a great time.

Daddy's snow beard.