Saturday, November 04, 2017

Happy Halloween!

This year we participated in our church's trunk or treat a few days prior to Halloween. The kids enjoyed all the different booths and all the candy.

Abby was supposed to be Thomas to match our booth but at the last minute she decided she didn't want to be a choo choo but a princess instead. I was shocked because she actually said princess. She amazes me every day with how well she talks. I have to remind myself constantly that she is only two. She talks in full sentences and has complete conversations.

Ben was a knight.

Here's our booth at church. We did the same thing last year. I'm always amazed at the people who are impressed by our simple decoration. However, there are a lot of Thomas fans out there. Maybe we will try something a little more elaborate next year. We'll see. 

For Ben's fall break we headed down to the Children's Museum since it has been awhile since we last went. However, when we arrived, we were informed that the museum isn't open on Mondays after Labor Day. Well, that gave us an excuse to check out a church that I had heard about from friends.

This is Trader's Point Christian Church in Whitestown, IN. What a fun play area! The kids had so much fun. I wish we had arrived there a little earlier because after 90 minutes, Abby was ready for a nap but the boys were having a great time and would have gladly stayed all day.

There were 4 or 5 levels. The largest indoor play area I've ever seen. Better than the old school Discovery Zone from my childhood. And it was FREE!!!

There's a rock climbing wall.

Abby and Sam...Queen and King of the mountain!

I climbed up the top with Abby. There were 4 or 5 twisty slides. There was a small toddler area that Abby enjoyed and a enclosed basketball area.

The next day was Halloween. We went to visit Daddy at his office to bring cupcakes. I forgot to take a picture since we were there for such a short time. Then we headed to the library, then Sam went to preschool. After supper, we bundled up and went trick or treating in our neighborhood. According to our neighbors, we were the only ones on our street so the couple of houses we stopped at gave the kids a ton of candy.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sports-tober, by Sam Stephens

Hi everybody, it's me, Sam.

This is me. In case you didn't know. 

This past month has been crazy. My brother and I finished up our soccer seasons. We both got a trophy, which is pretty cool. Even if eveyrone else did too. I'm still not real crazy about playing soccer - there's a lot of running involved and not enough snacks, but I like it when I can distract the other kids on my team by creating games like "zombie tag" - then I can run all day long. 

Here's my brother Ben. Mom says he has greatly improved at soccer since last year, so there's hope I might get better too. But he hasn't greatly improved as my brother, I still think he smells like poopy diapers could be a little nicer to me. But then I probably could be a little nicer to him too. 

This is a picture of us at the Purdue-Minnesota football game. We had pretty good tickets - two rows from the field - but I'll be honest, I'm not too terribly interested in football. I liked when the train and team came out on the field, and I saw some kids dressed up like the Super Mario Bros., but really it was pretty boring. 

(And boring is my favorite word)

But then it got a little exciting because Mom said I could use my money to but a soft pretzel with cheese. I love pretzels. 

After I finished eating I declared it was time to go. Abby needed a nap. And I wanted to play with my friend Tucker. Dad and Ben stayed a lot longer, which was crazy. I mean I watched an entire 7 minutes and 45 seconds of football action, what more was there to see? 

Here's Abby dressed up in her Purdue finest.

 And Mom. With her K-State gear. 

Abby after a wardrobe change.

Ben, checking out the action.

Besides games, Mom all took us to ride bikes at Prophet's Town State Park one nice fall day while Dad was out of town being a manly hunter. 

Abby at the bottom of a slide.

I'm a moose. 

We've become a family of climbers. 
Here's Abby pretending to be a mountain goat.  

Here' me and Ben. I had to help him up. But he won't admit that. 

Every fall groups decorate scare-crows along the bike path in the park. None of them were scary, at least not as scary as me, my brother, or my sister when we don't get our way. (Or so says Mom)

Ok, I'm bored. Here's a bunch of pictures of my brother and sister, and a few of me too: 

Here's Ben with his soccer trophy. At the end. I bet he'll think I did that on purpose. 

Thanks for reading and don't forget to send candy, junk food and more candy to me for Halloween, Christmas, Thursdays, Saturdays and every other day. 

I love candy. 

- Sam.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Second birthday and catching up

Can't remember if I posted this picture or not but Sam is in his second year at Kid's Alive preschool and loves it. There are 10 boys in his class, no girls. Lots of energy with all those boys!

We took the kids to play Frisbee golf at an old golf course a couple weekends ago. We only lost one Frisbee so that's good. Abby liked carrying the back pack.

Sam was not happy with all the walking but I think they had a pretty good time.

Trying on Abby's hair barrettes.

Painting pumpkins

Hanging out at the park.

We will miss Sam at kindergarten next year!

This girl climbs up everything!

Pop Pop reading to Abby.

Playing at the zoo for Abby's second birthday. She wanted to see the ooh ooh, aah aahs (monkeys).

Petting the neighs.

Peek a boo Abby!

Climbing everywhere again!

Sneak peak of our family pictures we took to celebrate Grandma and Pop Pop's 40th wedding anniversary. Also, Dave and I's 10th wedding anniversary.

Our baby is officially 2! She loved trying to blow out the candles.

The cake I tried to make fell apart so we had cake pops instead!

Opening presents.

More birthday presents. Thanks Aunt Carol for the kitchen set!

We took the kids to Kankakee Sands Nature Preserve to see bison. We could only see them from the highway but it was still something different to do and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Abby took this picture.

Dave thought this sign was funny.

We took a 1.5 mile hike through the prairie. Sam wasn't a fan.

Then we ended the evening with a picnic at a near by playground.

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate Abby's birthday. We are very blessed by this beautiful girl. She is such a joy in our lives!