Friday, August 08, 2014


Sorry it's been awhile since our last post but we've been trying to keep busy and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Two weeks ago we celebrated Ben's 4th birthday and Sam's 2nd birthday. Grandma and Pop Pop Stephens, Uncle Jim, Aunt Andrea, and Joshua all came to help celebrate. Here's a picture of the birthday boys with their homemade train cake.

I think it's funny to mention that Sam has decided to call all of his collective aunts, uncles and cousins "Duke". Whenever I mention any family member he always says "Duke"! I guess because that name is easier to say than anything else? He also calls all of his grandparents Pop Pop, sometimes grandma might be ma ma.

Here's a picture of Ben on his actual birthday. He picked out the cake, frosting and sprinkles.

Sam says delicious cake. He can hardly wait to celebrate his real birthday next week!

Ben opened a few presents on his birthday. Here he is trying on a coon skin hat from Grandma Wallace that she got on her trip to Yellowstone.

Ben's present from us was new track pieces. The boys have been playing "choo-choos" every day since.

Sam wants to do everything Bubba or Daddy does. Here his mowing the yard.

Part of the joint birthday party was going to the splash pad across the street. Just like last year, again it was really cold for the end of July.

After the splash pad the boys came back to play trains...

and jump on the bunk bed.

Blowing out the candles.

Thank you to everyone who sent cards and gifts to help us celebrate with our precious boys.

Sam loves to make his tractor sing.

Hugs for grandma.

Ben LOVES his binoculars, he takes them everywhere!

Sam reading one of his new books.

Playing puzzles with Pop Pop.

A couple pictures from around the house. Sam will NOT give up his pacifier no matter how hard I try. He likes to call it his "Brr". We aren't sure why. Here's a picture of him climbing on his potty to find his pacifier. 

It's amazing, the boy that didn't want to roll over we can't keep from climbing over everything.

I went to wake the boys from their nap the other day and this is how I found them. They are so close and such great friends. I just love how much they love each other. I pray that they will always be so close.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cuz Fest 2014

We celebrated Stephens Cuz Fest 2014 during the week of July 4th. It was a great time for everyone.

Super Sam with the calculator that he pretended was a phone.

Super cousins attacking Pop Pop.

Of course there were a lot of tractor rides and turns pretending to drive the tractor.

Fun with sidewalk chalk.

Sam and Ellie were best buds during the week. They were also the easiest to photograph so get ready for lots of pictures of them.

Playing hopscotch. Sam is really pretty good a jumping for his age.

Love Sam's "why" pose. We hear that word a LOT around here!

Hanging out at the fire pit.

Almost all the cousins.

Water gun fight! The littlest ones were more content just to play with the buckets than squirt the guns.

Brother against brother.

We went to a Tin Caps (minor league baseball) game on Saturday night. The kids all had a great time. 

Sam and Joshua holding hands...too cute.

Mommy and Ben selfie.

Waiting for fireworks.

There were lots of stories read. 

I walked out the front door when the older kids were in the backyard and found Ellie and Sam playing with the tractor. I asked Ellie where she was going and she said something about going into town. They had so much fun together.

Playing peek-a-boo with the tent.

Sam and Ellie were using the tent and air mattress as a bounce house. Unfortunately, Ellie got a bloody nose from bumping into each other.

I thought it would be fun for all kids to have a super cape. I didn't get a picture of all of them wearing them but Dave was a great sport to help me get a couple of them together.

Dave had the kids play super school (Simon says) so that I could take pictures of them running around.

They used our tent as their super hideout.

Dave as Super Simon.

Pretending to be statues.

Getting ready for smores!

Sticky and delicious!

Playing at Grandma and Pop Pop's church.

The kid's table.

On Wednesday the 4 older kids, Pop Pop, and the dads went fishing. Ben caught 4 fish with his Mickey Mouse fishing pole.

Uncle Jim and Joshua with their fish.

We didn't keep any of the fish, they were all thrown back.

On Tuesday everyone went to the slash pad in Ft Wayne. I didn't go since I was at work but here are some pictures from Grandma. Looks like they had a lot of fun.

More stories.

More tractor rides. I had to include this picture because of Hollywood Sam with his sunglasses and hat. It's on rare occasions that I can have him wear them.

The guys played some horse shoes.

More squirt gun fight pictures. It was Dads vs. kids.

Hollywood Sam.

Grandma made a cake (and about 30 dozen cookies).

Sam and Ellie being puppies. These two had such a great time together. Apparently one day while I was gone Ellie found my sandals and Sam was very protective yelling "NO" at Ellie. She yelled "YES" back for about 3 minutes.

Making smores.

We had a wonderful week spending time together and are looking forward the the next Cuz Fest!