Tuesday, July 19, 2016


We added a few more states to Abby's list on our annual trip to Kansas.

The boys acting silly with their cow spots from Chik-Fil-A.

Our half way stop in Hannibal, Missouri. We found these new swings which were a lot of fun. You can put your child in the baby swing and swing on the attached bigger swing at the same time.

We have a picture of each of our children under this sign. So we had to have Abby and Izzie (also her first trip to Kansas) take a picture.

Sam, however, did not want to be in this photo.

We finally arrived to Grandma's house!

Of course we had to feed the horses!!

Sam made a new buddy. He really wanted to take this kitten home.

Abby finally met Aunt Brenda.

The boys were so excited to take a 4 wheeler ride with Uncle John and Amanda.

Sam climbing the fence.

Playing Mommy's old piano.

Grandma also found my old Care Bears, the kids loved them!

Ben took some pictures of all of us eating at Uncle John and Aunt Brenda's.

Celebrating Ben and Sam's upcoming birthdays.

Grandpa Wray with his grandkids.

Grandpa with his grandkids and great grandkids.

Four generations.

The boys received kites for their birthdays. Amanda had never flown a kite before so after supper, the kids all tried.

Had to take some pictures of my beautiful Abby Lou. You can see the family farm in the background.

Izzie loved being a country dog.

At the Mr Potato Head exhibit at Crown Plaza in KC.

Lego Land in KC. The boys loved it.

Hard to really see, but these are some of the many items created out of Legos.

There was a huge indoor play place the boys spent a lot of time in.

Build your own race car.

There were 2 small rides in the indoor Lego Land.

I think my favorite part was Miniland. There were replicas of most of the iconic places in KC.

Of course they had to have the Wizard of Oz!

Abby slept through most of the time in Lego Land but she did like playing in the legos.

We took quite a few trips down memory lane while in Ottawa. I took the boys by my old schools and other places from my childhood.

We visited Forest Park and played on the new equipment.

One day we had planned to go to Deanna Rose but the rain changed our plans. Instead, we headed to Scheels and had some photo ops.

And we rode the ferris wheel. We're up there somewhere.

Mom and Sam.

Dad and Ben.

One part I really enjoyed was the aquarium. It contained fish from Finding Nemo.

Izzie met the horses, she was so excited.

This is about as close as I could get Abby. She wasn't so sure about the horses yet.

We checked out the pool. It was really nice. They have made some great improvements.

Abby LOVED her first time in the pool. She splashed and crawled in it.

Then she wore herself out.

We went to the fair to watch Amanda show her goats.

Had to take a picture of Abby in her 4-H clovers.

The boys rode a couple of rides.

Had to take a few more pictures of my sweet girl!

Abby is starting to understand waving to people.

Daddy's girls.

This dress was made by my grandmother Louise Wray for my mother. 

This picture took many attempts and lots of bribing of candy.

Love this selfie.

We went to the fair the next night to watch Amanda show her steer, Rex. She did very well and received 4th place.

Abby loved taking a bath with her big brothers for the first time.

Sam pretending to by Linus from Peanuts.

Shark week glasses.

The things we do to make an 11 hour car ride fun!