Sunday, August 21, 2016

Adam's Mill

Last weekend we met Grandma and Pop Pop Stephens for some more tomatoes. Then we headed over to Logansport again but this time to play mini golf for the first time. We need to work on their form but the boys had a great time.

This weekend we took a trip to the big town of Cutler, IN t check out Adam's Mill. It was very educational and interesting to see what life was like in the 1800s. The boys didn't completely understand but they thought it was worth coming back to again. 

We think this is supposed to be a blacksmith shop. It was closed so we aren't sure. 

Ben was very photogenic.

Of course Abby was too!

This wheel was not used for the mill, it's just decoration.

One of the highlights fr everyone (except Abby) was kayaking around the mill. We even went under the covered bridge. We ran out of time to take pictures of it, maybe next time.

After the mill we headed to one of our favorite ice cream shops. Ben was such a sweet big brother and picked ice cream coupons from church for Sam and himself.

As you can see Abby also enjoyed the ice cream.

Who can you say no to this face?

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Four Years Old and First Grade!

I can't believe that Silly Sammy is 4 years old! He has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives.

Last weekend we met Grandma and Pop Pop Stephens in Peru for some tomatoes. Afterwards we headed to Logansport to ride the carousel.

Abby and Mommy just watched.

Then we rode the train.

The next day was our church's annual BBQ. The boys loved the pony rides.

To celebrate Sam's birthday week and the end of summer, we headed down to the Children's Museum again to check out the new Doc McStuffins exhibit.

I thought this was cute, the two duckbill dinos names Caroline and Abigail.

It's amazing how Abby has grown during our membership to the museum this year. When we first started going all she did was sleep. Now she wants to get down and explore.

Our baby dino.

The boys enjoy playing with her.

We enjoyed checking out the new space exhibit with actual items from the ISS.

Checking out the pandas in China.

So sad to see Hot Wheels exhibit leave. It was one of our favorites.

Learning how to make our toys better with Doc.

We officially have a 1st grader! Ben really likes his new teacher, Mrs Oxender and his class. Sam was excited to check out Ben's new room. Preschool can't come soon enough for Sam. He wants to be a big kid like his brother.

On Sam's birthday we headed to Chick-Fil-A to celebrate. Sam had fun telling everyone all day long that it was his birthday.

Abby loves her big brothers so much. Just seeing them makes her laugh so much!

Sam helped make his Minion birthday cake. He was pretty excited and danced the entire time he helped me. I just love his silliness!

This weekend started soccer. So every Saturday for the next few weeks we will be spending our mornings at the soccer field.

Ben throwing the ball in.

Sam's team didn't have a coach so Dave offered to help.

Just love how Abby and the boys play together.