Sunday, April 22, 2018

Easter and more

Sorry it's been awhile since we have updated the blog. Here's a little of what we have been up to....

Enjoying our annual resurrection rolls for Easter breakfast.

No, that isn't James Bond (although he dressed up in this tux for that reason on Super Hero day the week before).

Izzie wanted to be in the kid picture.

Happy Easter!

We headed over to our friend's birthday to celebrate Easter. It was a little chilly and even snowed that April Fools!

The kids loved the egg hunt and finding all the goodies.

The next weekend was the annual Cub Scouts pine wood derby race. Dave helped Ben and Sam make their cars to race. We had about 10 cub scouts and their fathers over at our home to cut out and make cars before the race. The boys had a great time even though they didn't win.

After the race we headed to Purdue for the spring game. It was again pretty chilly so we didn't stay long.

Sam bought this light saber so he is constantly using it. Abby wanted one too so we did our best with a sword but then made her into Princess Leia (notice the crown, "buns", and blaster). I helped them make a Jedi knight obstacle course around the house. 

The second grade at Cumberland Elementary put on their annual "Seusical". Ben is the second Horton on the left. In front is our friend Grace that we watched for a few weeks last summer.

Ben is in the second row of 3 stringed guitars (first on the left).

Ben in the middle with a tambourine. His friend Tristan is on the far left.

We have been busy with Springfest, Cumberland's spring carnival, and just trying to get outside when ever the weather is nice. We hope you enjoy these pictures as school is starting to wind down and we prepare for summer!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!!!!!!!

In the year of Nineteen hundred and fifty eight, shortly before the dinosaurs went extinct, a smiling, mischievous girl arrived in Indiana, PA to the sounds of "Oh, no. Another girl."

But  now, just a short 60 years later, the sound have changed. "GRANDMA" "GRANDMA" GRANDMA!"

If ever there was s celebrity in the Stephens household, it's Grandma. She's always kind. She like to snuggle. Nine times out of 10, she probably has cookies. Lots of cookies. 

On Sunday, the Stephens family met in Lafayette to celebrate the occasion of Grandma's birth - the last big hurrah before they pack their bags, bees and bfurniture to their new/old home in Pennsylvania. 

So celebrate we did: 

 Grand children got to play outside with their cousins.

They sang happy birthday (and added in a neighbor girl).

There was even a present. A super secret project that led to the creation of a pretty nifty picture collage of all the grand kids that spells out "Stephens." We're pretty sure Grandma loved it.

We also had tacos, watched Purdue beat out Butler for a trip to the Sweet 16, and generally enjoyed our time together. As much as Mom (or Grandma or Linda) has taught us in life, I think one of her lasting legacies is the fact that she loves spending time with her family, and that her family loves spending time with her and each other. 

Of course, an impromptu game of football keep-away broke out on the front lawn while everyone was trying to leave - but that's bound to happen from time to time.

So once again, Happy Birthday Mom (GRANDMA!) and know that we are so blessed by having you as a friend, teacher, guide and mentor.  We love you, and not just because you always make our favorite snack foods at Christmas time, and we always will.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

St Patty's Day and other Adventures

The weather has warmed up slightly at times so we have been trying to enjoy the sunshine when possible.

A couple of weekends ago, the wolf park near us had a dollar day so we decided to check it out since the price was right. I think everyone else had the same idea. Luckily we arrived early because some people were waiting well over an hour to get in!

One of the wolves checking us out.

Ben's class had come to wolf park for a field trip earlier in the year so he was our tour guide.

One of the coyotes.

There were also bison at the park.

White wolf napping on top of the box.


The wolves were howling so everyone was watching them.

For Ben's spring break, I took the kids to the children's museum while Dave was helping his parents move to Pennsylvania. There weren't any new exhibits but we still had a great time. We even watched their play of Pinocchio.

Ticket please.

Scuba diving.


For St Patrick's Day we headed down south to finally check out Turkey Run. It was a little chilly and misty but we had a good time finally getting the Saturday Morning Adventure Club started for the year.

It was hard to leave the comfort of the nature center. We enjoyed watching the squirrels and birds.

Off we go!

Really cool suspension bridge.

Going between the rocks.

Up, up, up!

Waterfall at the punch bowl.

Abby was a good sport. She had fun in her backpack and almost fell asleep. I know she would have loved to hike but she didn't complain at all.

We had a great time and can't wait to head back again and explore some more!

My clover girl!