Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Uncle Larry

Labor Day was spent traveling to Pennsylvania to remember a man we were blessed enough to call Uncle Larry. He touched so many lives with his loving kindness. 

Aunt Carol and Uncle Larry Buterbaugh

Ben or Sam giving Uncle Larry a big hug; from our trip this summer to Pennsylvania. The boys remember Uncle Larry as the guy who wanted to roast him. He was never too busy to truly listen to everyone and play with the kids.

While in Pennsylvania, we headed down to the tree farm for a little while.

Abby loved running around the farm and spending time with Daddy, Grandma, Pop Pop, Katie, and cousins!

Helping Pop Pop down at the farm.

Aunt Joann and Uncle Gerald (on right) were gracious enough to have the Stephens clan invade their home for a few hours on Saturday night.

Aunt Carol is always up for a good game and a chance to play with the kids.

Our new cash register that was Uncle Larry's when he was a child.

Abby loved this game, Shut the box. It was very easy for everyone to play.

The whole Stephens clan!

Love the candid pictures I took while waiting to take some family pictures after the memorial service. Sophie is such a great cousin and plays so well with the Stephens cousins.

Almost ready...

Sue getting everyone organized.

Here is almost all of the Rising Family. There was one family unable to make it. Pap Pap always said this was the best crop he ever grew. I am truly blessed to be a member of this wonderful, loving family.


All the cousins playing.

Great grandkids


After leaving the service we headed to the pool for a little more cousin time. Abby was so excited to be in the pool!


Monday was a long travel day. The kids (and Izzie) did great.

Photos by Sam...

Just in case you were curious what the inside of Sam's mouth looks like.

We stopped at Cabella's on the way home.

Today is Sam's first day of Pre-K which is why I am able to blog. Hopefully, we can keep Abby on this schedule to nap and Mom can have a little break 3 days a week!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


After this weekend, summer is officially over for us. Ben is enjoying 2nd grade and Sam is so excited to start Pre-K next week. We have been enjoying this beautiful weather by being outside as much as possible.

Abby is a carnivore! She grabbed this drumstick off of my plate. She also loves to eat and say ribs.

Sam says being 5 is pretty awesome except that Mom makes me eat 5 carrots now instead of 4.

Soccer season has started. Both boys are on the Carolina blue teams. Dave is Sam's team's coach.

Sam has improved on his soccer playing this year.

Ben also enjoys playing and has improved.

The morning of the solar eclipse was cloudy and cool so I took Sam and Abby to the park to play.

Abby still loves to swing but she also enjoys climbing and sliding. 

Sam just loves to play, especially with friends.

Sam taking Mom's picture. He told me to act scared.

As I said, the morning was very cloudy for the solar eclipse. We watched it on tv but Sam and Abby weren't impressed. The sun didn't break through the clouds until the eclipse was over. 

So we spent more time outside while waiting for Ben to come home.

More photos by Sam.

Ben's school wasn't allowed outside all day due to the solar eclipse and lack of special glasses and adult supervision. So Ben's class made these viewers which they couldn't use since the eclipse was during school hours.

Oh brother!

Enjoying a beautiful day at the zoo. Sam loves the goats!

Last weekend after soccer we headed to Delphi to play and kayak. The kids love this playground and would spend all day here if we let them.

Abby was happy just to go down the slide.

The boat ride down the canal. This is the same boat we rode a couple months ago.

Old fashioned kiln I think.

Cramped love in the back seat of the truck.

Fun playing at Prophetstown. Ben, Mom, and Abby took a bike ride while Sam and Daddy played at the playground.