Friday, April 24, 2015


No updates on our home selling yet. We have had a total of 3 showings. One showing was last Friday at 7:45pm so I decided we would go down to Grandma and Pop Pop Stephens rather than having a super late bedtime. Luckily Grandma and Pop Pop were available and let us come visit.

It was a beautiful Saturday to spend outside helping Pop Pop in the garden.

Playing with Pop Pop's queen bee.

Watching tv

Ben in a "cage". 

Sam being a "cool dude".  He has really been showing off his sense of humor lately. 

Sleepy Sam. 

Below is a video of Sam being Sam. 
You'll have to ask him what "Bootchie Boo" means.


Saturday, April 04, 2015


I haven't blogged for awhile because it has been a whirlwind of activity at our house. At the end of February Dave accepted a position as a technology writer for the IT department at Purdue University. For anyone not familiar with Indiana geography, West Lafayette is about 2.5 hours away from Mishawaka...hardly comuting distance. SO the month of March has been busy at our home fixing it up so that we can put it on the market. As of April 1 our home is officially for sale. Check it out here. We already had one last minute showing on the second day it was listed BEFORE the for sale sign even went up. We received some good feedback from the prospective buyers but no offers yet.

Dave starts his new job on Monday, April 6 so we loaded up the truck and mini-van and headed down to West Lafayette to start moving into our new home. Dave will stay in West Lafayette Sunday night through Friday night while Jackie and the boys will stay in Mishawaka until the house sales. The boys will also start full time daycare on Monday while Jackie continues to work full time at her current job.

While we were at West Lafayette we had dinner with Uncle Jim, Aunt Andrea, and Joshua. Afterwards we stopped by Dave's new office.

On Saturday morning the Wabash Township fire fighters had a pancake breakfast to help raise funds for some new equipment.  The boys love fire trucks and pancakes so they had a blast for breakfast. We didn't stay long because it was very crowded but we did get to climb into one of the trucks before we left.

So please be praying for our family during this time of change. I know it will be difficult for the boys to have a new routine and not have Daddy around. We keep reminding them that soon we will all be together in a new home making new adventures together.

If you know anyone looking for a house in Mishawaka, send them our way! We are sad to leave this great location but we know this is what God has planned for us.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Looks like we have some catching up to do on our blog. It's been very cold here, as cold as -12 this week with more snow. Luckily, we haven't had a lot of snow at once but we do currently have 10-12 inches that seems to be hanging around.

A couple of weeks ago, just before all this snow started, we headed out to Shipshewanna. We went there for supper but first we had to stop at the carousel.

Sam as "Monkey George" outside the toy store.

Look who found us at the carousel...Grandma and Pop Pop Stephens! We had actually decided to meet up with them but surprised the boys.

Church has been cancelled twice in the past month because of the blizzard conditions. One morning we decided to use Ben's Christmas present to talk about God's creation and make bird houses.

The boys had a lot of fun building and painting. We can't wait for the birds to enjoy them.

Today Ben had an idea of going to the dog park to go sledding. Since it had warmed up (in the 30's) we decided it was a good idea to try to enjoy all of this snow.

Izzie loved running around playing with the other dogs.

Sam just looks so grown up so I had to take a picture in his snowsuit. He did a great job sledding. The boys had so much fun. With Sam's size, the dogs loved to try to give Sam kisses, so we had to hold him.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy birthday maple tree

Call it cabin fever but we decided to celebrate our maple tree. Yes, the tree in our backyard had a party. If you remember, last year about this time the boys built a snowman and had a birthday party for it. This was again Ben's idea.

What do you eat for a birthday party for a maple tree? French toast bake with maple syrup of course! And green Christmas tree shaped rice crispy treats for desert.

Instead of pin the tail on the donkey we played pin the leaf on the tree. This is Sam's new favorite game.

Since the maple tree couldn't join us for the party and neither could the outside animals, we decided to invite all of the boys' stuffed animals instead.

We even made party hats for everyone to wear. I think it was a successful party and the tree would be proud.